Can You Stand With Me?

Can You Stand With Me?

engaged couple holding on hands - view from backside

How d’you regain your dignity?
(Can you stand with me through this)?
Can you hold me while I slip and slip
and miss and miss?

I beg you not to leave me alone
In what is my own
crime scene where he violated me

I can’t sleep at night without you
beside me
So many nights I don’t sleep at all
if you weren’t here
I’d be bending your ear
on a long distance phone call
Sometimes it seems
only you hear..
Sometimes it seems
I don’t exist at all,
Annihilated, before I could pull
(if it’s possible to pull through)?

Turned away from so many doors
from so-called support
because of obvious
overwhelming trauma,
as if this were my own doing

Too many people who could
no longer look me in the eye
as if it is I they despise,
not the perpetrator-
his and institutional lies.

They don’t care about my cries,
my pain,
if I never stand straight again,
Crumpled under shame,
victim taming,
Counselling which is only
to suppress,
like Prozac,
to keep girls nice,
quieted, meek.
Not proud,

They demand from girls and women
payment in kind
Give us your life,
in return
we’ll give you nothing
Maybe at the end
of several years,
we will hand you back your
broken, in a box
while the perpetrator walks free,
or not.

It makes no difference
to us
It’s the same result

was never bliss.
There is no justice
In this.

God bless the man you are
who could stand with me
through this
Can you face
the lack of happy endings
can you take the risk?
I can’t sit back
and say nothing about it
You’re still with me
through all this shit
and I will never forget
when all others split
You stand with me
through this


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