Wall of Silence

Wall of Silence

We don’t have to look to Isis
Nor Al Qaeda
The crisis is right here
Stop silencing
Stop the gas-lighting
Stop denying my
this very existence
Stop the hate
You rape
Then say it’s nothing
Laws all made by men
Privileging men
black, white and brown
Stop calling me a whore
Just for speaking out
Stop punishing me
Saying I can’t be believed
Stop ostracising me
You listen only to your own  police
I have no ally in this band of thieves
You attack my femininity like I’m the
Original Eve

Take from me then deny it ever
belonged to me you claim I gave
freely when you heard my screams
You say it was my fantasy when
you saw me bleed
You felt my tears
She who was in your dreams
You plotted and schemed to trap
me then attack me you covered your  tracks
Desperate so you can say
She retracted her story
No she did not and she never will
This is not a story it is factual
It is not an allegation it’s
A report

You think the only thing
that counts is court
Laughing with your
jury of peers
who all cover their ears
Burden of proof to
Fall always on the daughters
You so comfortable here
Don’t even ask for
Your designated lawyer
There was never one for her
You know  the only protection
was for the perpetrator
Think you’ll intimidate me
With your silence and sneers
Your anti woman jeers
Consent is not fear
It is not intimidation
It is not trapping someone into a situation
It is not pretending to have a close relation
It is not your own alcohol and substance inebriation
Bet You didn’t put yourself in that altered state
To plead your innocence at the police station

Consent is not
Sorry for you
It is not
me saying no
While you perpetrate what you want regardless
It is not taking a kind caring woman
And calling her a ho
You knew it was no
It is not inventing anything you can to make it not so
You, twice my weight, twice my size
Dead weight on my hips
I could not prise
Stop the lies
Like the whole world is your ally

I decide
what I want
Not you
Not him
Not that man there
Not that woman who said
‘He’s always been alright with me
He is like my brother’
This is my Body
I decide
i was clear
You are not welcome here
You never were
Intruder in my room pushed your way in
Stop wrapping up your fears and
Blaming it on her
You are responsible
You made a choice
It is not a case of boys will be boys
You do not get to drown out my voice

That a man should be held accountable
for damage he’s done
Is this too much to ask ?
I’m tearing down your rapists mask
This wall of silence
You throw in my face
Like the bloody insult you are
You all collude
Complicit you
This despicable crime
You carry out
Behind closed doors
Or in full view
Then walk away
And say it wasn’t you
It was you
You knew then
Know now
Stand up
Be a man
Hold up your hands
Acknowledge your violence

© GS

photo with thanks to Jairo Alzato #jairoalzato
#NotOkay #RapeSurvivor #GirlSurvivor #WallofSilence


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